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New Podcast! - MGSN CAST: Business Development For Startups

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Welcome to MGSN CAST – Business Development For Startups Series. Join the discussion with Gerard Keogh, Keogh Law Group, and Mac Hutchinson, CEO of Thinklyn. They will discuss the business development structure and philosophy that gives startups the best pathway to success.


A Florida appellate court on Wednesday tossed a breach of contract lawsuit brought by a wealth planner against two out-of-state companies, saying that the parties did not do business in Florida and that a visit to win over potential clients wasn’t enough to establish jurisdiction in the Sunshine State.Read More

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Welcome to MGSN Live – This MGSN Live Debate focuses on the volatility of cryptocurrency and whether or not it should be regulated. Please join us this Friday as we examine different legal viewpoints on this extremely impactful topic.

FG McCabe Law is a frequent contributor to MGSN

FG McCabe Law & Associates, PLLC, (FGM), is a Tri-State Area Law Firm located in New York City. Gerard McCabe, Esq., Managing Partner of the law firm is a promininent authority in commercial law and is a frequent contributor to MGSN.



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MGSN Live Broadcast aired on MGSN Live & YouTube


In a recent Live Broadcast, MGSN invited legal experts to discuss and review the Alex Jones defamation case. In this clip, MGSN examines the different components of this case which include compensatory damages, defamation, first amendment, slander and libel.

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Full Roundtable Discussion aired on MGSN Live & YouTube


This MGSN Roundtable discussion focuses on the positive social impact that new technologies can have on communities across the globe. Please join us as we examine different technologies and businesses from around the world who are creating jobs, fighting climate change, and building communities.