March, 2022


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The open event will help you better understand the valuable opportunities that MGSN has to offer. Meet your future leaders and innovators who are disrupting the global landscape and seeking positive and progressive solutions. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and reach for new goals and achievements.

MGSN Events - Virtual Telethon

What's Happening on Our Virtual Telethon?

Learn more about new opportunities from all over the globe
Discover new companies and innovative leaders who are making positive change
Please help us fund important causes that protect our future

Who Will Be Featured

ARC Power - CEO, Karl Boyce

ARC Power provides Affordable, Reliable and Clean solar electricity to communities in Rwanda. We design, develop and install off-grid AC power generation and distribution systems (ARCs) that become the hub of the community and empower families and small businesses to thrive.

ARC Power was set up in 2016 by CEO Karl Boyce in recognition of the increasing demand for affordable, reliable and clean power across Rwanda’s distributed population.

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